Template editor

Last modified: December 12, 2022

RenderForm is an easy way to create engaging banners using a drag & drop web-based editor. We put great effort to make it very easy to use. RenderForm focuses on templates' creation, which allows you to reuse those templates later for other purposes. It allows you to quickly generate banners with different, texts and images keeping style of your blog or business.

Drag & Drop Template Editor for Image Generation


Toolset and component list

On the left side there is your toolset. There you will find the list of all available components, components used in your template and an option to save your template.

Designer toolset and components list

Blue arrows next to the components list allow you to bring a component forward or backward on canvas.


The most important part of the editor is its center, the canvas on which you can create and edit your templates.

RenderForm artboard and canvas


On the right side there is Inspector. It adjusts for you depending on the selected element of your template. For example, if you click on the image, you will see an option to change image and image styling. When you select text, you will be able to change text and text styling.

RenderForm inspector

Play with the designer, you can't break it, it's in the cloud! We will take care of everything!