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Image Generation with

Kinga WojciechowskabyKinga Wojciechowska
Published June 02, 2022Updated May 04, 20234 min read

Image Generation with (formerly Integromat) is a popular automation platform that can improve your workflows by automatizing them. One central hub that connects all apps helps in controlling all workflows and makes the automation simple and intuitive. 

Make offers many apps that you can easily integrate in your workflow automation, like Google apps, Facebook, Mailchimp, Shopify, Etsy, Buffer, Tally and much, much more. RenderForm is one of them, so you can use it in Make workflow to automatize your email or marketing campaigns with automatic, personalized images that will stand out!

Image automation with Make

You can use Make to automatize your workflow and connect multiple apps into one process. There are three simple steps to generate automated images: add trigger event, then create an image template in RenderForm, and set up automation in Ready to try it?

Trigger event - Tally form

Here, you can create any event that will trigger the action of generating an image. It can be a new sign-up to your app, new product in your store, a change in your Airtable spreadsheet, new scheduled meeting in your Calendly calendar or submitted form on Google or Tally. Anything you can imagine and think of that you use in your workflow.

Create trigger event with Tally

I created a workflow that starts from trigger which is form submission on Tally.

What is the idea? I created a simple Tally form, where I fill all data I need to create a hotel offer for my client. In the form, I enter hotel details, trip dates, price, etc.; so everything I want to send in the offer. 

Tally form

Next, when I submit the form, I would like to email the client and include personalized images of hotels from my offer. The automatic images will be generated using RenderForm template.

Create image template

Now, create your image template in RenderForm editor. One element in your image template is one component that can be editable via Make automation.

I created different components like price, title or availability, and I will be replacing those elements automatically when there is a new form submitted on Tally.

Create image template in RenderForm

For example, using my Tally's form I will be replacing the title (hotel name), hotel image and price elements.

Action - generate image

The last step of the configuration is to set up RenderForm module in Make and map the elements between Tally form and RenderForm template.

Search for RenderForm integration in “Make” and click on Add button to connect it with your RenderForm account. You will find your API key in your account section in RenderForm.

Add RenderForm event in Make

Then, we need to configure the actual image generation. First, select the template you want to use for this automation. In my case, it's “Hotel card” from the previous step. Next, in Changes, we will insert responses from Tally form into RenderForm template.

  • Template Property - here you put template property from RenderForm template
  • Value - here you select the form element from Tally

Set up RenderForm image generation

In the example above, I created different items for each element I wish to replace. So, for price component from RenderForm image template, which is of type text, I assign a field from Tally form which appears as 1. Fields: Price. Whatever price (or other text) I enter into that field in Tally form, it will replace the default price component in my template.

Run automation to generate image

Now, the automation is ready. When I submit the form, RenderForm will generate the image basing on the information from Tally. You can see that the image has different title, price, image and dates from the original template.

Image generated automatically

Imagine creating multiple images like that, using a simple form!

I can download the image or send it directly to the client through the automation in, by adding the next step to the workflow. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Use cases for automated image generation

Automatic image generation works great in personalized marketing campaigns and helps in creating multiple images with different content, basing on templates. What are the use cases for automated image generation?

Try RenderForm for free and check how it can help you improve your image generation with automation options and simple image editor!

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