List templates (v1)

Last modified: March 06, 2024

This endpoint allows you to get a list of all your templates with metadata and preview links.

This endpoint has been deprecated. Please use List templates v2 instead.

GET Endpoint

Example request

    --request GET '' \
    --header 'X-API-KEY: <API_KEY>' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json'


You can paginate the results by using the limit and offset query parameters.

limitintegerThe number of records to return. (max 100)
offsetintegerThe number of records to skip.

Example response

    "identifier": "K0iqvG3BvLN83EfDOI2MrTpoK4Q",
    "href": "",
    "name": "My Template",
    "width": 1000,
    "height": 1400,
    "createdBy": "John Smith",
    "isPublic": false