Get template

Last modified: March 06, 2024

This endpoint allows you to get a template details by its identifier.

GET Endpoint

Sample request

curl --location \
     --request GET '' \
     --header 'X-API-KEY: <API_KEY>'

Sample response

  "identifier": "hairy-newts-chuckle-blindly-7342",
  "name": "Social Media Cover",
  "preview": "",
  "scaleFactor": 1.0,
  "outputFormat": "jpeg",
  "quality": 90,
  "width": 1280,
  "height": 670,
  "createdBy": "John Doe",
  "properties": [
      "key": "title.color",
      "type": "color",
      "defaultValue": "rgba(30,30,30, 1)",
      "componentId": "title",
      "componentType": "TEXT",
      "property": "color"
      "key": "title.height",
      "type": "number",
      "defaultValue": "364",
      "componentId": "title",
      "componentType": "TEXT",
      "property": "height"

Properties are the list of all properties that can be changed in the template to render an image or PDF. Each property has the following fields:

keystringCombined component id and property
typestringProperty input type
defaultValuestringThe default value from the template
componentIdstringThe component identifier
componentTypestringThe component type from the template
propertystringThe property name

If you are an integration developer, please use the key value in data key in render requests.