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What is RenderForm?

Jakub PomykałabyJakub Pomykała
Published November 29, 2021Updated June 04, 20221 min read

What is RenderForm?

How it started?

I realized how much time I spent to creating blog post covers, and I realized that publishing a blog posts is blocked very often because of lack a proper blog post cover. Not every team member of my team has access to the designer tools or a knowledge how to use them. Not everyone has a Content Management System to take care of everything. 😄 Even if you are using one you are still just relying on an image to represent your content.

What is is a web-based design editor with automation features. You can create an image for your social media, blog post cover or advertising banner.

Online Editor for Image Generation

But the greatest feature of RenderForm is that you can connect it with other online tools in order to replicate your image and create thousands of unique images with different images, texts and more!

Layout plus Data equals your image

RenderForm offers easy to use integrations with no-code platforms like Zapier and

no-code automation for image generation

But you can use RenderForm with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers,, Airtable and more!

generate images with text in Google Sheets

Use cases

  • marketing automation
  • automatic social images generation
  • better email personalization
  • multi-language blog posts image generation
  • QR code sticker generation
  • post card generation
  • ecommerce product previews
  • Instagram images generation
  • archive blog post images generation

Where to start?

Everything starts from creating a free account. Next steps depend on that what you want to do, in RenderForm dashboard you will find automation guide which will help you with integrating next tools.

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