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Jakub Pomykała founder of RenderForm
Hi, I'm Jakub!
the creator of RenderForm.

While working on other projects, I noticed how time-consuming it was to create banners or covers for my blog posts and website. Even simple designs required my attention and time, which I could have spent more efficiently. This way I come up with the idea of fully automated image generation, with simple templates and implementation, so even my mom can use it for her blog.

As a solo developer, I take care of all aspects of RenderForm, from design and UX, through programming, development, to content writing and marketing. This project really challenges my skills and creativity, and I enjoy it.

Every option, every button or minor or major changes I analyze together with Kinga, my live and work partner. Discussing ideas out loud, weighing the pros and cons with another person, really helps!

I know how important is the usability of web apps and their low entry level for users. Therefore, a large part of my time I spent on looking for solutions that are both simple for the user, but at the same time solve technical problems and require a lot of focus and foresight.

As the result, my projects don't stop evolving; I keep working on them to make them as user-friendly as possible while also highlighting technical perspective and mastery in software development.

I hope you will enjoy creating content and automatizing your workflow with RenderForm. If you have any doubts or just want to chat, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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